A Narciso Yepes
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To Narciso Yepes,
On occasion of his 70th anniversary

Dear Maestro:

I am told that today, the 14th of November 1997, you would have been 70 years old. You left seven months ago, much too young to have taken out everything you could have told us with your music. When I listen to your works at my record player, it is hard for me to understand, that you are no longer among us, for there is so much of your soul in your sound that my hair keeps standing on its ends.

Today a concert is being given at your home town, Lorca (Murcia, Spain), which you always took in your heart. And I cannot be there to listen to it. However, I want to share their giving you a birthday present, a musical offering, even if I am not a concert player, nor a politician, nor a literary man, but just a plain common man, just like you used to be. I always loved your music, and secretely I always wished I could play the guitar some day in the same way as you did, though to achieve that I should have lived my most tender years like you, submerged into a huge love for the guitar. However, new technologies have put under my fingertips a number of marvelous machines and virtual partitures which let me dedicate you a virtual, digital concert which can't sound like the ones you used to play, but which I dedicate to you humbly and repectfully. Here, at the net which covers all the world which you used to visit to often, the music you liked so much and to which you contributed with your charism, your wisdom and passion will keep on sounding.

As a humble hommage I offer you this Web Page, which I also dedicate to all those who love the guitar along this universal world, written in the language for the whole humanity.

Long live Narciso Yepes!

Jesuo de las Heras

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