Notes on Le défi des langes: du gâchis au bon sens, by Claude Piron.

A few months ago I read the last book by Claude Piron, Le défi des langes: du gâchis au bon sens, and I thought it is time to stop kowtowing all the way. We esperantists have the key for international communication, but we do not always know how to explain it to those who cannot see it. All the arguments and counter-arguments which we suffer are perfectly discussed in this book. It is real food for thought for esperantists. The only problem in the book is the language in which it is written: it is in French. That is why I translated it into Spanish, so that my colleagues both in Spain and in Southamerica can benefit from Professor Piron's valuable work. My translation is still being corrected by the author himself, but very soon —hopefully— will be published. If any reader of this can help regarding to its printing, any help will be most appreciated.

In his book Professor Piron describes the most expensive illnes in the world: Bable's Syndrome, but he also discusses the varied usual treatments of the illness, as well as its only cure.

The structure of the book is like this:

  1. The international linguistic communication: a pathological management?
  2. The problem.
  3. Myth and truth.
  4. More difficult than it is said.
  5. Attempts to solution.
  6. A solution worth considering.
  7. Resistence: a standard element in every neurosis.
  8. Some examples of rationalizing.
  9. People, in sum, perfectly normal.
  10. A pilote project.
  11. Some reasonable proposals.

I personally think the author should translate his own work into Esperanto, so that esperantists from different languages can translate it into their mother tongues, which I think should be done so that not so much nonsense is argued against Esperanto by those who cannot even spell it properly.

If you would like to know about the Spanish version, you can contact me at

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