The Spanish Esperantist Workers Association

The Spanish Esperantist Workers Association was founded in 1986, and their aims are to spread out and teach the universal language Esperanto in worker backgrounds, not regarding political preferences and considering only tendencies to democratic and idealistic ideas. HALE is not a political group, but a cultural and educational organization. The members are requested to be tolerant about political opinions which the trade union movement support, and they are also encouraged to abandon any dogmas which they can get from their various backgrounds.

Thus, HALE adheres to the principles and aims of SAT (World without Nations Association), whose see is in Paris. The see of HALE is Callosa de Segura (Alicante, Spain). The environment of HALE is Spain, but it can be in relations with international groups or federations, whose aims are similar to ours to make a better and more effective activity.

Internal communication in HALE is achieved through our the bulletin Kajeroj el la Sudo, which you can get just by pressing here There are already 31 numbers published, but through the net we can reach only from number 30.

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