Introduction to the page

Esperanto is the only planned language which is spoken today all over the world, out of the more than five hundred which have been designed from ancient times in history.

You may have heard something about this language before, perhaps for, perhaps against it. It is high time you draw your own conclusions.

Thus Esperanto Spain was designed as an informative page, written by a group of people with the illusion to show the general public an idea which works, and which deserves to work still better.

In this page you will get information about the terrible problem of communication which we all suffer at the end of the XXth century, and something about the proposal to solve this problem, which worries so many people.

We also offer you a free course on Esperanto and a magazine written completely in Esperanto, so that you can practise.

You will also be able to practice your Esperanto and your taste for music if you visit our Fernando Sor's page. As you may know, he was one of the finest guitar players and composers for the guitar of all times. By clicking on the links you will hear much of his music, eventually the whole of it. It will give you an idea of how Esperanto can work, above all if you started your tuition on it wih us! We also offer you a magazine written in Spanish, if you can read it. Also we provide some useful links to similar magazines in different languages, some of them written in English.

If you have ever wondered about Esperanto, you may find helpful the FAQ (that is, the Frequently Asked Questions) on Esperanto. Maybe your questions are not among them: please let us know about them. We promise we will study them seriously and will give you an answer which satisfies you..., unless you convince us! :-)))

This FAQ can be found also in Spanish and Esperanto here.

We have also included several documents already published in the press, regarding international communication problems and other languages different from English, and other related topics.

Even if you find nothing interesting in this page, we thank you for spending your time with us. :-)

And a last nasty word: we know mistakes ARE made more often than desirable. We have corrected a few in the last days, and think everything is OK now. However, we know some of them have been missed by us. If you spot any, would you be so kind as to tell us? Thanks! You will also help keep a nice site!

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