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You all know what electronic mail is, don't you? Any navigator (though there are also dedicated programs, like Pegasus and Eudora) lets you write letters or messages and send them to your friends all over the world at once and it costs you less than the paper you would write it on, not to mention the envelope and the stamp! :-)

But let's imagine there is a group of friends we want to get in touch with from time to time and we do not want to enter their emails all the time. We can reserve a place in Internet to where we will send our messages about a given topic, and all those who are interested in the matter can go there to pick them up, read them, study them, and even answer to them, and in so doing, we have created a friendly corner in Internet, where we gather together to talk about our own affairs.

This is what we have just done in Esperanto Spain: we have reserved a friendly little corner in Internet to share the problems related to this page, the problems related to International Communication. To be able to capture these messages you must subscribe to a place where are email will be kept so that they know it is OK to send us such information. All the collected emails build up a list, called a mailing list, since it is for that: to share emails. In our case, the procedure is very simple: those wishing to share their views on the topic of International Communication with people from all over the world will be able to do so at the list.

To subscribe there are several ways, the simplest of which is that you tell me to subscribe you by just emailing me to and I shall subscribe you at once. However, if you are in a hurry I would advice you to do it yourself by clicking on the following button:

Please enter your email address:

You can contribute to the list in three languages: English, Spanish or Esperanto. You needn't be able to speak Spanish or Esperanto to join the list, of course. We also admit messages in other languages, but there must be added their translation into one of the three languages.

There is another mailing list for those who dare writing just in Esperanto. It is, of course, :-) Again, I can subscribe you to this one as well, or else you can click on the following button:

Please enter your email address:

And we have just created a thematic list for the music and figure of Fernando Sor, teh famous guitar player and composer. If you would like to join the list, just click on the following button:

For any problem or doubt, you can contact me at However, you can first try the document on Esperanto Lists

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