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Francisco Tárrega Eixea

Presentation.- This page is dedicated to Mr. Francisco Tarrega Eixea, excellent guitarist and founder of the Modern Spanish Guitar School.

On the 4th of April 1998 I had the privilege to say a speech in the Maestro's capital city, Castellón de la Plana, within the framework of the 9th Esperanto Congress of Valencia and Murcia (Spain). This page offers the full text in my speech, as well as its Spanish translation and that in English, together with the musical fragments I played, and also some others which I only referred to. I hope you all enjoy them. In future I will complete this page with the complete works by maestro Tárrega in midi format, so that they can be enjoyed by music lovers in general and practiced by the students of the most Spanish of musical instruments, in particular. Meanwhile, if you click a link and nothing happens, the cause is that I haven't been able to finish the concerning file so far. O:-)

This page is also at Gazetoteko Lanti.

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