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On the Moscow gold.

I don't understand people forgetting their most precious possession to the benefit of a minority's hurting ideology. Spain is not red, we know, as in 1936 the people supported the generals who gave a coup d'etat against the bolshevik dictatorship which appeared when they did not accept the result of the 1934 elections. That is when democracy died in Spain.

Calvo Sotelo The benefits of he Communist Paradize started being suffered by the disappearance of citizens who did not agree with the Communist doctrine. General Franco himself warned his army colleagues against a putsch, till the leader of the political oppostion, José Calvo Sotelo was murdered a few days after he had been threatened at the Parliement itself. That murder was the turning point, because it was soon known that one of the murderers was a policeman and member of PSOE, the socialist party, who was punished by neither his party nor the government. General Franco then reached the conclusion that it was more dangerous not rebelling than doing so, and consequently, on July 14th he told the generals who were organising the putsch, Emilio Mola, Joseph Sanjurjo, Gonzalo Queipo de Llano, Manuel Goded, Joaquín Fanjul and the then head of the rebellion, Miguel Cabanellas, that he joined the putsch because of the dangerous situation in the fatherland.

Lenin used to say that a lie a million times told became a truth, but he was wrong, as truth always finds its way to the knowledge of those who search for it free from prejudice. Today neutral writers, such as the American Stanley Payne, say that such was the situation in Spain then. That's why even if the present day government in Spain tries to utter a law on history silence, they will not succeed because truth no longer is only Spanish, but it's already gone beyond our borders a long time ago, so this government risk to suffer mockery even more than Zapatero's, whose laws solved none of our problems, but created new ones, like the near bankrupcy of the nation, and if we can no longer rank among the richest countries in the world, the reason for that is in the evil measures taken by the self-defined left.

Yes, because Minister Negrín, from the Popular Front and a member of PSOE, sent the gold from the Bank of Spain to the Soviet Union so that the rebels could not profit it, should they win the war. But he forgot that the gold was not Franco's or his, the Popular Front's or even the Republic's, but it belonged to Spain and the Spaniards, no matter who ruled it. It is estimated that there were five hundred thousand kilograms in gold what was sent to Russia through the Alicante port. The Civil War finished in 1939, while this robbery by the government was perpetrated in 1936, only two months after the war began. The reader draw his or her own conclusions. PSOE owes us the gold. A lot of it.

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