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I am really bored at the notion a thousand times repeated in Internet pages that Spanish nationalists invaded and humiliated the different nations in Spain. Well, the fact is that in Spain there is only one nation, and even if coward politicians ceded in 1978 to region­alist pressure in order to include the words nation and nationality with similar yet different meanings, since the sixth century Spain has existed as an only one nation, which was transformed little by little because of historical and social events, but there was never any provincial nation, even if for some time there were diferent kingdoms in the territory of nowadays Spain.

Gesaleico, the first Spanish King It would be really boring to repeat now a lesson on the history of our country, but the summary is that there is no Spanish nationionalism, in the same way as there is no French, Italian, or USA na­tionalisms. There is no Basque or Ca­ta­lonian nations, but the concer­ning nation­alisms there. And what is the difference? Well, nationalists wish to have a different state to create their own nation, pushing non nationalists away from their homes. The Spanish nation was created by the the Visigothic State fifteen centuries ago, and now there are traitors who deny their own nationality to create a new one, thinking that in such a way they will be freer and will live much better. They are really ignorant, because they should know better about his own nation's history: Spain started to exist when the Visigoths rebelled and got the independence of our ground from the Roman Empire by force in the year 507. They were a small people who soon dissolved into the Roman Culture and people, who were living for centuries in the conquered land by adopting the local language and culture, and after some tens of years also their religion, which was the factor which unified the whole country. Religion made people whole all along the Islamic inva­sion, and together with language and other minor aspects of their culture, prevented the Spanish nation from disappearing under the Islamic catastrophe, unlike what happened in other places, like Egypt or Turkey. Glued by Christian religion, the different kingdoms of Spain survived and managed to expel Muslims from our land, and then Spaniards conquered a whole conti­nent in so doing they invented Ame­rica.

And there is this president whom the people accepted never before, as his deputy list was least voted in the history of his party, in the frame­work of the so called Spanish de­mo­cracy, and through secret agreements with other minority parties he succeeded pushing away the most voted government in the same ballots and created a new one, which will not solve any problems of ours, but will create new ones, in the same way as President Zapa­te­ro's did in the past. Now it seems that the main problem in Spain is to exhumate Dictator Francisco Fran­co instead of fighting un­em­ploy­ment, diminishing the na­tion's debt, or negotiating a deduction, as the Greek did (they got a 70% de­duc­tion!), making corruption dis­appear at every level of the Spanish State, improving the exemplarity of those in power, and so on... Yes, I understand that the inheritance he got from Mariano Rajoy is not to be proud of, because among other things, he got a State on the verge of breaking up, even if not to be unfair we should remember that the previous governments traded what was not theirs, that is to say, Spanish Sovereignty, such as com­petences on education or police, to the nationalist regions for par­lia­menttary support. So power was much more important to them than the benefit for the good of the people or the country, but they serve only their ideologies (do I really need a plural here?)

Prezidento Sánchez Sanchez' election was possible only with the votes of PODEMOS and the independent parties, who even if they have few votes in our Parliament, all of them added up to a larger number than the Popular Party, who was left alone, as usual. They could form government ony when they had over 176 MPs or nationalist ones heped them, though never for free. Jordi Pu­jol, once leader of indepen­den­­tism, made Pre­sident Aznar cease con­troll­ing education in Catalonia, and after twenty years there is a lot of young people who believe the lies poured on their minds by independentist teachers, mainly the one which says that evil Spaniards conquered their beloved fatherland Catalonia with blood shed, and now it is compulsory for them to push them out of their sacred ground. Unfotunately for those nationalist people, both Basque and Catalonian, none of those father lands was idependent in the past, and that's why they must lie when demanding their independence, because it is now when they try to get it for the first time in history, as they always belonged to Castilla or Aragon in the past, respectively.

Antonete Gálvez, Murcian hero of independence, happily dead. In fact, in modern times only Murcia was an independent nation, even if it lasted only for six months, since July 1873 till January 1874. Yes, if we dig out in the History of Spain and Murcia, that is, read the concerning news­papers in those times, we find the details of that short lived rebellion. In that time they even decleared war on Spain and Germany, and also asked the USA to become their 51st state, only twenty years before the Cu­ban War! Unfortu­na­tely for them, General Mar­tínez Campos reach­ed the independent country before the US President Ulysses Grant decided what to do about it, and the Murcia Independence finished and its independentist leaders flew away abroad, in the same way as Puigdemont did, because they were sentenced to death.

However, people in Murcia today don't care about that anecdote (a sad one because there was blood shed when they conquered neighbouring cities, like Hellín or Orihuela), and nobody in his or senses would consider asking for independence from Spain in the name of that item of history, as a historical autonomy or territory.

Nationalist lie all the time, because they say there is the Count of Barcelona, not mentioning that today the man who holds this title is King Philip 6th of Spain.

But I already said enough in the past on this topic. What matters now is that we Spaniards accepted a tricky law and then sanctified it under the unfit name of Constitution. Really nobody told us, ignorant and naïve people, what is that: What is a Constitution? According the the 16th article of the world known and widely accepted Declaration on the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, proclaimed in 1789 in Paris, Any society in which the guarantee of rights is not assured, nor the separation of powers determined, has no Constitution. This is why you can call our 1978 Law our Carta Magna, or any other thing, but not Constitution. In addition, in article 99th you can read the King of Spain will appoint as President of the Government the candidate whom Parliement votes by majority, and this cerifies that the word Constitution is just a nickname to what we have: if law makers choose the Government, where is the independence of powers?

It is also remarkable that we Spaniards don't vote people, but lists of names. Party leaders chooses who will be in their list, so citizens cannot choose them directly. That is demanding an act of faith on the honesty of these leaders, that they will choose the people best fit for the job. However, that has not happened for the last forty years, and many elected ones lied and took advantage in impunity, because punishing them requieres a jury, partially appointed by the parliament itself.

Can the people, that is we, take them out of office? No, of course not, because of the simple reason that it was not us who chose them. That was done by their party's leader. From this we can deduce that we did not elect President Sánchez, true, neither any other president in our so called democracy: the people never elected Rajoy, Zapatero, Aznar, González, or even Adolfo Suárez himself! So why grumble now because we never elected Sanchez? You never, gullible ones, chose the president of Spain in your whole history! And know that the reason is that you are not democratic, and never defended democracy. And that's why you will never have it, because having a democracy demands working to set it up and then working every day to keep it working, as nobody will give it to you graciously.

Franco Regime's last deed was giving us individual, but not collective freedom. The latter can't stand a referendum, a ballot on a Constitution which was not written in the name of the people. Because we did not elect the people in the parliament whose only task would be to create such a constitution in the name of the people who elected them, and then via referendum would be approved by a significantly great number of the country's citizens. Then it would be our constitution. However, that day is yet to come, because most people in Spain believe we do have a constitution!

Meanwhile we'll suffer pre­sid­ents like these six, who took a country with 0% unem­ploy­ment and rank­ing among the 8th richest coun­tries in the world to the edge of bankrupcy. And politicians will just go on laughing at you all every time you go and vote, just because you think that is the way to protect demo­cra­cy. As if you knew what de­mo­cracy or de­fen­d­ing your rights are...

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