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A Hundred Notebooks

Readers have the 100th issue of Notebooks from the South in their hands. It has not been easy to come here, nor it was easy to write and rewrite the articles which you, reader, have read over the years. But here we are.

Antonio Marco Botella. Probably the founders of this magazine, An­tonio Mar­co Bo­te­lla and Mi­­guel Fer­nández, could not foresee our long life, above all be­cause there were problems in our associat­ion because of political reasons, which made almost the whole of our members leave us, and even if thousands of people read our bulletin, it is only because it can be read for free from any country in the world.

Yes, let's remember we are workers, but not necessarily red, or even leftwingers. We workers do have the right to have the political slant we want, and even if left-winged ones cannot understand that you can be a worker and not a leftist, it is right for you to belong to an association like ours, the Spanish Association of Esperantist Workers. Hopefully the coming of our hundredth issue can help change the attitude of esperantists and workers, and once again we come and cooperate in a friendly way in a cultured association and bulletin.

From the moment when our issue should have appeared before your eyes, reader, several important things happened in Spain and elsewhere. Firstly, there was the 103rd Universal Esperanto Congress in Lisbon. There many old friends of ours gathered together, though many others could not come because they are no longer with us, unfortunately.

Another important thing is the tricky coming into office by the loser in the last ballots in Spain. We'll talk about both events in our pages.

And also there was a Book Fair in Murcia after disappearing it from us for a number of years. I helped in the stand of MCRC.

It is my intention that from the beginning of the second hundred of our magazine, Notebooks from the South becomes more literature and culture like, though li­te­ra­ture can accept any field in human thought, even social and politics, which built up our issues all the time. In fact this one should have been written in Latin, but I lack the ability and capacity to do so for the time being, and therefore it is in my three languages.

I hope we come punctually before you every three months, and also that you will comment on our work, which you are invited to join, as a matter of fact.

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