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The Taliban's Sin'.

Third part: Reya

7 The defender.

Suddenly the scenery changed. He was no more at the imam's house. Pro El Fu was no longer there. The place was near his town. There was an olive tree which a young girl was passing by, decently dressed. He knew her. It was Reya. He went to her, but before she saw him, a boy started talking to her. Reya tried to go away, but he captured her hand and two other men join in: while two of them hold her, the third one pulled her dress up. But he a stone hit his head suddenly. Shame olive tree

«Leave ber alone, you Satan's sons!», Abdul Saleh shouted.
«You are one, and we are three!»
«God and I will vanquish you three!», he said as he jumped at one of them and felled him onto the floor and then covered him by violent fist blows. But the other two held his arms and legs while the third one hits him with a great stone several times, till he lost consciousness.
«You murderers!», Reya cried, «you murdered him!»

The three men got aware suddenly of what they had just done, and razn away. Reya stayed with him, co­veri­ng him with kisses, as if that would give life back to him. But then she realised he could still breath, and after a few minutes, he came on his senses again, though still very weak. She helped him stand and they two stumbled to the doctor's little by little. There his wounds were cleaned and then the doctor himself helped him get home. Zulema got very nervous when she saw her son, and soon he was lying comfortably in bed. Reya and the doctor went to the judge, who sent the police to arrest the three boys. The doctor said that the ill man would be much better after a week's rest, and thus the judge decided to leave the matter for a week, leaving the three unwise youths in jail so that they could meditate on their ill deeds.

Reya visited her defender every day, and while he was getting well, he taught her abut the wisdom in The Book. He also told her about the need to dress and walk with modesty, and he even advised her to ask her father's permission to wear a burkha. But the good man refused:

«If he wants you to wear a burkha», he said, «he can marry you and then order you to do so».

When Abdul Saleh knew about it, he asked his mom:

«Mom, would you like me to marry Reya? Do you think we could convince dad to ask for her hand?»

Zulema was very surprised at the idea of her son wanting to have a family with a good girl, because everybody thought he would dedicate his life to the pious observace of the Law of God, perhaps as a dervish, faquir or imam. She ran to her husband's shop to tell him, and later they told thier son that as soon as he is well again, they will ask for Reya's hand from her parents.

When he got well again the trial.took place. The defendants pleaded that Reya incited them into sin, but the judge gave more credit to Abdul's testimony, for he was a reknown pious man, and he stated that the girl's behaviour was decent during the whole incident, and they three tried to rape her with an evil mind. The judge sentenced them to be hanged on the grounds of attempted rape and murder. But Abdul Saleh asked from the judge that instead of hanging them, they could be outlanded from the city into a far place so that they would never come back there, and the daughters of God could be free from their evil misdemonor. The boys' mothers were very glad to hear Reya say that God is compasionate and she would feel better if they didn't die, as death is so bad. Therefore the three young men were taken as far as three towns for and warned that they'd be hanged at first sight if they dared to come back.

The next day Ibrahim and Zulema visited Reya's father to ask for her hand. And a month later they got married.

Abdul Saleh started helping his father in the business, and left the mystical life he was leading for so long. He was already twenty-five and now he intended to have a family. Reya's father made them see that in his opinion the courtship would be too short, but Abdul Saleh promised that his daughter would be the most pious woman in town and he himself would take care of her as long as he lived. The nuptials lasted three days, and the most remarkable guest was the richest man in town, Mr. Aben Abadalah.

La nupto daŭris tri tagojn, kaj gasto aparta estis la plej riĉa viro el la urbo, S-ro Aben' Abdala'. «Ni ne bone konas unu la alian, Abdul' Saleh', kaj eĉ se via patro kaj mi havis komunajn negocojn en la estinto, ne estas amikeco inter ni».

«Aben'», diris Abdul' Saleh', «mi analizis viajn metodojn, kaj mi ŝatas ilin. Plaĉus al mi, ke ni estos amikoj kaj en la estonto, partneroj. Kaj mi deziras komenci amikecon inter ni gastigante vin al la plej grava evento en mia vivo, mia edziĝo. Mi opinias, ke ni iĝos bonaj amikoj, malgraŭ estas multaj aĝjaroj inter ni du».

«We don't know each other very well, Abdul Saleh, even if your father and I had common business in the past. But that is not friendship».

«Aben», said Abdul Saleh, «I have studied your methods, and I like them. I'd be delighted to be your friend and, in future, associates. And I would like to start our friendship by inviting you to the most important event in my life, my bridal. I think we'll become great friends, even if there are so many years between us two»..

Those words shook the bachelor hermit, as he had no friends in town, and that made him accept his new friend's invitation.

Abdul Saleh suggested him to sit by his father, and along the celebrations a real friendship appeared between them. He also liked Abdul's young sister, Sania, and when the bridegroom realised that, he decided to teach her on the details he knew were dear to his new friend, as well as on the Divine Laws and the virtues which would make her prudent, modest and kindhearted.

When the guests were already away, three days after they said the expected, ritual words and were blessed by the imam, the new couple faced the moment to overcome.

«Wife», he said, «go to our room and make the arrangements for your husband, while I pray to God to be enlightened by Him for the most important moment in our lives».

She kissed his hand, bent at her new husband, and went to the bedroom they'd share for the rest of their lives.

When Abdul Saleh came into the bedroom, he found his wife in bed, but still in her dress.
«Woman, what are you doing inside your dress?»
«Husband, nobody ever saw me naked. I am ashamed to death».
«Reya, my sweet wife», said Abdul Saleh in a trembling voice, but at the same time sweet and caressing, «I..., I am your husband. Before me you will never feel shame, because you and I are but one flesh and one blood. And we both must generate good Good's children. Feel no shame because of your husband, in the same way that your breast does not feel it from your hand».
«Yes, husband. I know already that you are my owner. But shame vanquishes me».
«Come», he said pulling aside the blanket and sheet. He made her stand up and kissed tenderly and slowly. He caressed her face and back, and before she knew, he was caressing her belly and sex, and managed to make her feel her body. And soon, without her realising when or how, she saw herself totally nude before him. Then Abdul Saleh took the bed sheet and put it araound Reya's body, hiding her totally; he then took her in his arms and left her lying on the bed. Then he undressed totally and opened the clothes where she was hiding.
«Hello, stranger», he said smiling. «I want to know you».

She hugged him and he took her. He was very gentle and patient, he caressed her whole body, so she did not feel pain because he dyed it so efficiently with pleasure. Still he took her three times more along the night, and every time she experienced an orgasm, which she did not shouted, like Zoraida, but she wept.

And Abdul Saleh started being deeply involved in the business his dad used to do, as he decided that dad was too old for that. In the course of one of those business trips he fell into a storm in the middle of the desert, and as he was sitting behind the protection of the camel circle from attacking sand specks, he heard a familiar voice:
«Great influence pious Zoraida made into your character, noble Abdul Saleh». «Oh, pious Pro El Fu! Thanks for your visit. What do I owe the honor?»
«Do you still think that Reya is better dead?»
«Oh, no, Pro El Fu! She is a virtuous woman, who is expecting my baby within some months».
«Well, that can wait, Abdul Saleh, becuase beautiful Zoraida has still some tasks to do».

And Abdul Saleh fell asleep and night ruled his eyes and soul. And he woke with the crowing of rooster beside her husband, the rich Aben Abadalah. She remembered that several years before she left him at Saint Imam Omar's to talk to Pro El Fu, and after he gave them some advice about their daughter Fatima, whom they married to a good man who treats her well and made her have a lot of grandchildren for them.

«Husband», she told her man, who was still sleeping beside her, «wait, I'll bring your breakfast».

She brought milk and porridge, and then got undressed and loved him to make his day better. They had been married for thirty years then, and she gave him three children, and she still carries their fourth one inside her bosom. But that does not prevent her from giving her husband what no other woman could give him, even the most professional lover.

Three months later she bore a daughter, whom they called Sania, after the Abdul Saleh's sister nobody knew.

Time goes by fast in a happy home, and when Aben was over eighty, he died. She paid hommage to him even the previous day. At sunrise he did not feel very well, and she helped him with the care of a good wife. She called for the doctor, and he said that the old man's heart already found the end of its voyage. and at midday he died in the arms of his good wife while she was reciting some phragments of The Saint Book of All Believers, by heart, to get him ready to live in the fields of Paradise together with good God and the good people who died before him.

«Thanks, Zoraida», he said as a farewell. «You were a good wife. God bless you..., God blesses you». And once he said that, he died.

Zoraida was already sixty, and had spent two thirds of her life together with that good man. And she cried. She cried sincerely and bitterly for hours. At last their first born, Ali, made the arrangements for his father's funeral, who was buried in the city cemetery.

As they were going home, when there was only she and Ali in the cemetery with their prayers, the undertaker came to them:
«Madam, I must close the place. Please, follow me».

While Ali was going away, she stayed talking to the undertaker about some things about caring her husband's tomb.

«You cried your husband a lot, madam. I think your education is over, and we can finally leave young Abdul Saleh alone», said the man behind a clear smile.
«¡Pro El Fu!»
«Yes, sir. I think you are now more compassionate than pious. Now you are closer to God. I think that you will see me only once more, maybe twice».

The wind was blowing, and the sand started covering the cemetery little by little.


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